Velowerkstatt open THURSDAYS ONLY during study break and exam period

The Velowerkstatt will open only on Thursdays 17:00-19:00 for the coming weeks. We will return to our normal schedule when the Spring semester starts. We wish everyone great success with any exams they have during this period.

Our Mission

We are a group of people who really like bicycles in one way or the other. We're running the ETH Velowerkstatt, a place where members from all the Universities of Zürich can come to fix their bikes and where you can meet likeminded people. See our calendar and our facebook page for news and upcoming events, and can read our statutes here.

Join the VELOVE

Sign up to become member of the newly founded VELOVE (cycling community of the students of Zurich), it's completely free for students. As a member we'll keep you up to date about our activities and everything cycling related. We also do social events like bike rides and are excited to get involved into bike-related projects. By signing up, you can you give the voice of the cyclists of the universities more weight and you can take part in the decision making. If you're an alumni, it's only 50.-/year.
Registration Form


All details regarding the Velowerkstatt can be found here. For opening hours, please doublecheck with our facebook page.

Workshops, Social Rides, and Other Events

We organise regular workshops to teach you the basics of repairing your bike, and we hold regular social rides to guide you around the trails of greater Zürich. All the dates, details, and sign-up links, for these and other VELOVE events can be found on the Events page.